Vacation Essentials That Fit Into Your Suitcase

cdn.crownmediadev Are you planning a summer weekend getaway and hate those extra baggage fees?  Here are great ideas that make for easy traveling! Whether you’re traveling on a plane and want to carry on just one bag or jumping in the car with the kids for some R&R, I have a few summer getaway products that are not only fun but can fit into your suitcase. Vacation Essentials That Fit Into Your Suitcase:

  1. LAZY BUNZ: They can be packed in a suitcase (laid flat) or make an easy airplane carry-on. They also fit nicely in most overhead storage areas as well as under a seat. Created by two guys, one a boater and the other a beach goer.  The Lazy Bunz water float was created for those who work hard and want to truly enjoy being lazy. They both got tired of using life jackets and cheap noodles, so they created a product that is:
  • Durable- last through the elements of sun, wind, water.
  • You can take them anywhere – Beach, River, Hotel Lazy River
  • Stores easily
  • Will hold any shape and size – all you do is sit on it like a chair for the water
  • The material is high quality foam and the unique design fits between the user’s legs, giving them a perfect floating water saddle in which to relax to their fullest potential.
  • Lazy Bunz also created the Lazy Bar, the perfect floating bar for those lazy bums that want to float with their favorite beverage or snack nearby.  And let’s be honest, who doesn’t!
  • Lazy Bunz has quickly become one of the biggest floats on the market.
  • Colors available are Bahaman Blue, Kiwi Green, Caribbean Coral, and Ultra White. Bright Aussie Yellow, now Orange.

Lazy Bunz, $44.95,

  1. LAZY BAR: FLOATING TRAY: It’s a “must” if you like to float with your beverage or snack bowl nearby. Holds 8 drinks and the openings can accommodate beverages with insulated coozies or without. The center of the Lazy Bar is perfect for either a chip bowl or a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. While not as thick and buoyant as it’s big brother (the ultra lazy bar) its’ 2″ thickness and substantial overall size allow the Lazy Bar to be functional and economical. A grommet located on one side also allows the Lazy Bar to be tethered to the handle on the Lazy Bun for the ultimate in laziness. Easy to store too! Comes in Ultra white color with Bahaman blue print. Dimensions: 21″x 17″x2″.

Lazy Bar, $49.99,

  1. PACKABLE PAILS: Why spend your vacation buying beach toys at high prices when you can bring them with you! Packable Pails are square and look just like a traditional full size beach pail, but are collapsible in one quick easy motion and labeled a BRILLIANT invention for moms by moms. Ideal for collecting seashells, use in the backyard sandbox, use as bowls for snacks, reusable, and also award winning.

 Packable Pails, $14.99,

  1. TRAVELON SELF-SEAL DRY BAGS: The Self-Seal Dry Bags + from Travelon is the latest innovation in dry bags.   Its unique static seal closure ensures a water and airtight seal.  Use it 3 ways:  As a dry bag to keep your items dry; as a float bag; and as a compression bag.  Capacity:  8 liters.  Not only can you keep your clothing dry in the sealed bag, but you can also store wet bathing suits and items sealed tight so they don’t get everything else wet.  So all you do is put your folded clothing in here when you’re packing up, seal it, roll it, and it fits right into your bag without taking up space! Perfect for water sports, outdoor activities, and camping!

Self-Seal Dry Bag+, $22,

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